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Landscapes of Europe

A wide range of climatic and geological conditions has forged an impressive variety of landscapes in Europe. Although the appearance of much of the land has changed dramatically since mankind began to cultivate it around 7,000 years ago, there are still many remote and wild regions, such as the spectacular peaks of the Alps and the Pyrenees.

As well as being simply beautiful in their own right, Europe's diverse landscapes offer endless opportunities for outdoor activities.


Indenting the country's west coast, the wild and rugged Norwegian fjords are a truly spectacular sight, offering some of the most breathtaking scenery in Scandinavia.

Great Britain

Dartmoor in southwest England is a wilderness of great natural beauty. The windswept open moorland at the area's bleak and isolated heart has inspired many romantic tales.


The wine-producing regions of France, such as Champagne, boast lush, fertile vegetation, with row upon row of neatly planted vines.


The interior of southern Portugal is largely characterized by parched plains, dotted with cork oaks and olive trees, and vast dusty wheat fields stretching uninterrupted to the horizon.


North of the Hungarian capital, the Danube flows through a verdant landscape of vineyards, orchards, and thickly wooded hills. Known as the Danube Bend, this is one of the river's most beautiful stretches.


Switzerland's landscape is dominated by the Alps, Europe's highest mountain range. Dramatic, snow-covered peaks, stunning vistas, and a range of first-class winter sports facilities draw millions of visitors to this part of Europe every year.

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