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Best places to see in France

Are you planning on taking a trip to France in the near future? Well, if you are you need to carefully plan your trip especially if you are only going to visit this famous, beautiful, and fascinating tourist destination because there are lots of of wonderful and exciting places to check out when you get there. To help you make your choices, here are 50 best places to see in France that you shouldn't miss.


1. Eiffel Tower
2. The Louvre
3. The Cathedral of Notre Dame
4. French Riviera
5. Disneyland
6. Napoleon's Arc de Triumph
7. Lourdes
8. Historic Normandy
9. Vineyards
10. Musee d'Orsey
11. Alsace
12. Aquitaine and the Dordogne
13. Auvergne
14. Brittany
15. Burgundy
16. Centre - Loire Valley
17. Champagne-Ardenne
18. Corsica
19. Franche-Comte
20. Languedoc-Roussillon
21. Limousin
22. Lorraine
23. Midi-Pyrenees
24. North Calais
25. Provence
26. Paris
27. Pays de la Loire
28. Picardy
29. Poitou-Charentes
30. Rhone Alps
31. Mont Saint-Michel
32. Centre Georges Pompidou
33. Musee National d'Art Moderne
34. Château de Chambord
35. La Sainte-Chapelle
36. The château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg
37. Puy de Dôme
38. The Musée Picasso
39. Carcassonne
40. The Palace of Versailles
41. Avignon
42. Arles
43. The Cours Mirabeau
44. Aix-en-Provence
45. Toulouse
46. Nice
47. Saint-Benoît-du-Sault
48. Strasbourg
49. Nantes
50. Metz

Best Places in France

1. Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower becomes first place to see in France. From the top of this tower at night, people can see an amazing view of Paris.

2. The Louvre It is most popular art gallery. It is a place for the greatest arts such as picture of Mona Lisa made by Leonardo da Vinci.

3. The Cathedral of Notre Dame It is well-known with its stone architecture and relics of Christianity. 4. French Riviera It is a perfect place to get romantic setting since it has exotic beaches.

5. Disneyland This place has the inner working of Disney land with many attraction and parades firework at night.

6. Napoleon's Arc de Triumph This is a history building in honor of French military.

7. Lourdes This is a religious landmark to pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary

8. Historic Normandy This place hides history of France in which people were dead while fighting against Nazis.

9. Vineyards France is a country producing extraordinary wine.

10. Musee d'Orsey This place contains old arts belonging to France.

11. Alsace It is located in eastern France whose climate is continental.

12. Aquitaine and the Dordogne This place has two different regions. They are forests and coasts. 13. Auvergne This region contains isolated mountains.

14. Brittany This place provides view of the Atlantic Ocean.

15. Burgundy Burgundy has been known as the richest part in France.

16. Centre This region is location of the Loire Valley

17. Champagne-Ardenne It is located in the north-east of France.

18. Corsica This is an island with wonderful coastlines and mountainous interior.

19. Franche-Comte This region is interspersed with rivers and lakes.

20. Languedoc-Roussillon This place has some medieval architecture.

21. Limousin Limousin seems to be a hill which is surrounded by woodland.

22. Lorraine This region shares the same border with Luxembourg, Belgium, and Germany.

23. Midi-Pyrenees It is located in the southern France with high mountains.

24. North Calais The attraction belonging to this region is the battlefield of the WWI battle.

25. Provence This place has wonderful Mediterranean coastline and mountainous regions.

 26. Paris There are street side cafes and shady boulevards in Paris.

27. Pays de la Loire It has peaceful village and countryside.

28. Picardy There are some belfries of France listed by UNESCO.

29. Poitou-Charentes This region faces the Atlantic Ocean.

30. Rhone Alps This region has great scenery from high Alps of Savoy region.

31. Mont Saint-Michel It is a rocky island which has a beautiful bay.

32. Centre Georges Pompidou It is a complex in which the Bibliothèque publique d'information is located.

33. Musee National d'Art Moderne It is a large museum containing modern art.

34. Château de Chambord It has Renaissance architecture combining traditional forms of French medieval and classical structure of Renaissance.

35. La Sainte-Chapelle It is the Capetian palace. 36. The château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg This is a castle on the high hill.

37. Puy de Dôme It is a young volcano in the Chaîne des Puys.

38. The Musée Picasso It is an art gallery which is dedicated to Pablo Picasso.

39. Carcassonne It is a town in French which has been fortified in the Aude department.

40. The Palace of Versailles It is a Versailles's royal château.

41. Avignon This place is located in the left bank of Rhône river.

42. Arles UNISCO has listed some site as world heritage site such as the Roman Theater in this place.

43. The Cours Mirabeau It is thoroughfare which is decorated with fountains and bordered with houses.

 44. Aix-en-Provence From this site, visitors can enjoy the view of the Montagne Sainte-Victoire.

45. Toulouse This city is situated on the bank of River Garonne.

46. Nice There are some destinations such as beautiful beach and Garibaldi's monument.

47. Saint-Benoît-du-Sault This village is perched in the curve on the rocky butte.

48. Strasbourg This city is famous with medieval churches.

49. Nantes There are many historical castles, mosques and churches.

50. Metz It is a place of wonderful Sain-Stephen cathedral. .