Neuschwanstein castle, germany

Best places to see in Denmark

Here are 50 best places to see in Denmark


Tivoli Garden
Original Legoland
Farup Sommerland
Djurs Sommerland
Bornholm island
National Museum gallary of Denmark
Bon-bon land
Denamrk's national meseum
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
Odense Zoo
Aalborg Zoo
Tivoli Friheden
Den Gamle By
Madsby Play Park
Rosenborg Castle
Danish monarch museum
Aros Aarthus Art Museum
Josperhus Blomsterpark
Knuthenborg Safaripark
Egeskov Castle
Kronborg Slot
Nordsoen Oceanarium
Tycho Brahe Planettarium
Frederiks borg castle
Jyllands Park Zoo
Carlsberg visitor center
Post and Tele Mesuim
Denmark's shark centre
Ree park
Sommerland Sjaelland
Denamrk's Akvarium
Moesgard museum
Fregattten Jylland Ebeltoft
Fisheries and marine mesium
Arken mesium
Moesgard museum
Danish Film Institute
Museum of Koldinghus
Viking ship museum
Danfoss Universe
Skagen museum
AQUA latest freshwater
worker museum

Best Places in Denmark

Denmark is a country in Europe popularly known as kingdom of Denmark located south west of Sweden. Archipelago is a name given to small islands in Denmark. It has leadership of parliamentary democracy and it adds up to form a monarchy.
Denmark is known for Tourism and the attraction sites. Danes are the people of Denmark they are welcoming and friendly.
Some of the interesting 50 best places to see in Denmark includes; Tivoli gardens best to children who want to get amuse and play and it has fine infrastructure. If one wants to see the world's oldest amusement park.
Thirdly is the original Legoland which is also found in California but the one in Denmark is known to be the oldest and with lots of fun to all ages and present of ice parks.
Fourthly is Copenhagen.
Fifthly is the Farup Sommerland known to ontain family funs and games and a forest.
Djurs Sommerland best suits children and adults.
Seventh is Lousiana equiped with most denamrk's modern art artist.
The Bornholm island known for beautiful beaches and architecture.
The national Museum gallary of Denmark is Kunst housing largest oldest of Denamrk's and international,Bon-bon land popularly known as the resident of laughter because of its amusement to all gaes brackets,Denamrk's national meseuim , Round tower for viewing and it was built by christians,Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek known to be a museum with modern and ancient art,Odense Zoo is best place to visit in Denmark for its species of wild animals,Aalborg Zoo which has pet and animals like pollar bears and lions here you can watch them feeding,
Tivoli Friheden known to be best in amusemnet for both children and adults,Brede works is a best best for those who want to learn more on industrialization and textile industry, Den Gamle By is well known for its National meseuim,Madsby Play Park is best for its free amusing task for children and adults,Experimentarion a site best for evolvement in science and technilogy,Randers Regnskov a forest known for its three different rain forests,Givskud Zoo is a different Denmark species home,Trivoli karolinelund is an amusement park,Rosenborg Castle built around 1600 is a Christian retreat outside the city as well as becoming a Danish monarch museum,Aros Aarthus Art Museum largest meseum for those who are in Northen Europe,Josperhus Blomsterpark best for children and adults who like flowers and a play ground for youngsters, Knuthenborg Safaripark best for a wonderful wolf forest for the family who want dine as they amuse thierself,Egeskov Castle welcoming green environment preserved garden and meseum,Kronborg Slot known for Shakespeare scenery drama took place,Nordsoen Oceanarium is best aquarium for tourist in Denmark where shoals resides, Tycho Brahe Planettarium in a place known for astronomy and other space research practices,Frederiks borg castle which houses bothe mesuim and national History,Jyllands Park Zoo a place where children play with tame animals,Carlsberg visitor center is a danish best brewering Plant,Post and Tele Mesuim equiped with modern and formation and technology,Denmark's shark centre best for the visitor who want to learn more on shark and other fish, Ree park a good place for Shinese leopards,Sommerland Sjaelland another scenery for family adventure and picnic baskets,Denamrk's Akvarium a best place to witness more then 250 marine animals , Moesgard museum best for archeology, Fregattten Jylland Ebeltoft a best plays to enjoy summer wooden ships,Fisheries and marine mesium for wide range of different marine animals, Arken mesium of modern kunst art for is the latest museum,The Danish Film Institut promotes film and cinema culture in Denmark, The museum of Koldinghus acts as a border between the Denmark's and the duchy, The viking ship museum has eleventh century ships,Danfoss Universe another science and technology experience, Skagen museum with drawing and almost 2000 sketches,graphics and sculpture work, AQUA latest freshwater with birds, frogs and other water animals and finally the fiftieth worker museum are some of the 50 best places one can see in Denmark.